August 15 - 17, 2023 | Daytona Beach, FL

TAPPI Extrusion Coating Course

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About the Event

Attend the Flexible Packaging Industry’s Leading Extrusion Coating Course for Beginners

Since 2005, TAPPI’s Extrusion Coating Course has been providing the knowledge and resources necessary for introductory extrusion coating professionals to succeed. What started as a small section of TAPPI’s FilmEx course program, has since evolved into a three-day course packed with everything an extrusion coating novice needs to know to do their jobs effectively and improve their performance. Today, the Extrusion Coating Course is the leading introductory event of its kind in the industry, and has enabled more than one thousand young professionals and introductory employees to flourish in their careers.

"After completeing this course I will be able to go back to my job and troubleshoot our current/existing issues, provide recommendations on improving the process\products." 

"I now feel confident enough to strengthen our process. Especially in resin transfer and purging to reduce downtime."

“It’s great that each sub-lecture is given by an industry expert. There are many opportunities to learn from other participants.”

“I really enjoyed learning about the details of extrusion coating and meeting all the other participants.”

“Thanks to this course, I’m going to be able to get more involved on the plant floor and help troubleshoot issues that the operators run into.”

What topics are covered in the Extrusion Coating Course?

The course is packed with information presented by leading experts who will discuss best practices and common process problems in extrusion coating. You will learn the basics about resin, coating, and equipment technology (extruders, dies, auxiliary equipment). You can also expect to learn how to streamline processes, address safety concerns, manage product design requirements, and maintain equipment. Here are just some of the topics our experts will cover:

  • Product Structure -- Putting It All Together
  • Extrusion Coating of Polyethylene
  • Specialty Resins for Extrusion Coating
  • The Theory & Practice of Extruder Purging
  • Extrusion Coating Substrates
  • Flame & Ozone Treatment for EC Applications
  • Chemical Primers -- What, Why, How & Troubleshooting
  • ... And more

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What else can I gain from attending the Extrusion Coating Course?

  1. You will gain practical tactics you can implement right away. Through practical examples and real-life case studies, you will gain an understanding of the entire extrusion process by the end of this course. More importantly, you will learn how to implement your newfound knowledge when you return to the plant.
  2. You will learn from leading industry experts.  Some of our instructors wrote the book on extrusion coating. Literally. The content in this course is developed, peer reviewed, and presented by seasoned experts who work for leading companies in the packaging industry. Many of them have decades of field experience solving the very problems and challenges that may have prompted you to look into this course in the first place.
  3. You will become a part of the extrusion coating community. During the course, there will be multiple opportunities to meet and network with instructors and attendees so you can continue to learn from and exchange ideas with industry professionals long after the course comes to an end.  

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Who should attend? 

  • Introductory employees (including operators)
  • Young professionals (interns or professionals under 35 just starting our their careers)
  • Established professionals that need a refresh


For Employers

Our industry is currently facing a serious labor shortage. You maybe be asking yourself if it’s worth sending your employees offsite for three days to attend this course. Here’s why we think it is.

  1. Investing in employees’ professional development (specifically young professionals) helps to improve retention. In 2020, TAPPI’s Young Professionals Division conducted an employee retention survey among TAPPI members under 35 years of age. The number one reason why YP’s left previous jobs was due to a lack of growth opportunities/training. Sending employees to courses like the Extrusion Coating Course shows that you are investing in their future, and are more likely to stay at a time when turnover is at an all time high. 
  2. Your employee needs the information in this course to optimize performance. In-house training programs can be effective, but it can be difficult to find seasoned experts who have extensive periods of time to train new hires. While it may seem “free” to have another employee do the training, it might cost more in the long run to take employees off their paying jobs to train.
  3. Your employees access to the experts at this industry will be invaluable to you and them. The instructors at this course are passionate about what they do, and want to help. Making connections at this event can benefit your company for years to come.

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